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Purges & Clean-Outs

Purges & Clean-Outs: 101

Need to plan an annual purge? This is a great way to clear clutter and help keep you in compliance by following regulatory guidelines for records management.

We offer flexible scheduling, and we can charge by box, tip or weight. Once you have your material ready to go, give us a call at (260) 267-9652 and we’ll send one of our trucks to pick up your shred material.

We can help you:

“Once a year, we go through our files from the previous year and get rid of anything we no longer need. Being able to run a tight ship and keep everything secure is important to us, and it gives us the space we need to begin storing files for the upcoming year.”

— Jay L., Owner • Preferred Auto Group

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Tips for planning the perfect Clean-Out
Pick a date

Many businesses plan annual Purges and Clean-Outs toward the end of the year, but you can do them anytime!

Appoint a “Clean-Out” coordinator or team

Team members should identify guidelines for sorting documents into those that still need to be retained and those that can be shred.

Encourage participation

Make sure all employees know that the day will be happening in advance. Send frequent reminders.

Make it fun

Allow employees to wear casual clothing, carry in breakfast and/or lunch, take before and after photos for social media, and create a “white elephant” for the craziest discoveries.

Tell your friends about us

Share this event with your co-workers or network. We love it when our customers get the word out!

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