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Drop-Off Shredding

Personal Shredding: 101

When things like bank statements, ATM receipts, canceled and voided checks, credit card statements, pay stubs, personal tax documents, and medical records get in the wrong hands, there’s no telling what could happen.

Our Drop-Off Shredding service is an easy way to protect yourself – and your family!

We can help you:

“I use Federal for all of my drop-off shredding. The location is easy to find, and it’s easy to park when I arrive. Federal’s shred machines are impressive – my papers are transformed to shred material within seconds! I love the peace of mind that comes from knowing my personal information is protected.”

— Pauline, Happy drop-off customer
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Need to order a Seal N’ Shred Bag?

Purchase a bag, fill it up over time, seal the bag, and drop it off at our facility – it’s that simple.

Need to toss some personal records?

Our Drop-Off Shredding Service is the way to go!
Step 1

Collect your shred material at home. If you like, you can purchase secure Seal N’ Shred bags from us for easy collection and disposal.

Step 2

Drop off your shred material at our facility, 1140 Hayden Street, Fort Wayne, weekdays between 7:30 a.m. and 3 p.m. We’ll take it from there!

Step 3

Want to watch? That's certainly fine by us, please call ahead to schedule your visit 260-267-9652.

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