Document Shredding

Secure Shredding

Document Shredding

Shredding: 101

Federal Records Management & Shredding is proud to be NAID AAA-Certified for shredding. (Pssst! This is the “gold standard” in the shredding industry!)

Our goal – no matter what – is to make the shredding of confidential materials simple and safe. From pickup to destruction, your materials are in good hands.

We can help you:

“Bottom line: We trust Federal. They’re clean, they’re quiet, and they’re discreet.
When they come to pick up our shred material, they’re in and out before we know it. They are rock solid.”

— Jay L., Owner • Preferred Auto Group

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Choosing your bin

Shred bins, toters and consoles
We’ll work with you to select the containers that will best meet your needs.
Personal Document Container
Executive Console / Lockbox
Small Toter / Big Toter

Need a fleet of containers

Let us know how many locations/buildings you need to serve.

Why Shred With Us?

Our secure process is pretty remarkable. (And yes, we may be a teeeny bit biased!)

Easy Scheduling
1. Easy scheduling

We’ll create a pickup schedule that meets your needs. Weekly, biweekly, monthly, bimonthly and quarterly schedules are available.

2. Secure containers

We provide locked bins and containers for you to keep onsite, ensuring that your documents are instantly secure.

3. Secure pickup

Documents are transported to our facility in locked bins and trucks, or they can be shredded onsite with our mobile shredding service.

4. GPS tracking

All of our trucks are equipped with GPS tracking technology, which allows us to monitor vehicle locations and driver safety at all times.

5. Document destruction

Our machines will slice and dice your documents into particles no more than ⅝ inch wide. We guarantee they’ll be 100% unrecognizable.

6. Recycling

We send tons of shred material (literally!) to a mill in Wisconsin where it is pulverized and up-cycled for future use.

Secure Chain of Custody

We’ll protect your documents at every step of the way.

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