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Every business should use a AAA Certified shredding company. With today's regulations, to simply throw records in the trash is putting you and your company at risk. Rather than guess as to which papers need shredded and which do not, it is a much more secure business practice to use Federal Records Management & Shredding's shredding services to destroy all records.

Fort Wayne paper shredding company, Federal Records Management & Shredding, offers both onsite and offsite secure shredding services. As a NAID AAA Certified document destruction company, businesses in the Fort Wayne area trust Federal Records Management & Shredding for confidential document destruction as well as hard drive destruction. And, with our Information Desctruction Training Program, we will train your staff on the requirements and procedures for proper information destruction which will help protect your business from non-compliance with HIPAA and other confidentiality regulations.

Let us show you how we can help keep you in compliance with federal laws and keep your information safe while providing your company an economical solution to a cost of doing business. We can even take care of your end of year document purge.

paper shredding containers

Shred Containers: We provide locked containers kept on-site, suitable for large or small settings so records are instantly secure.


offsite and mobile shredding services in fort wayne

Pickup: Papers are transported to our facility in locked bins and trucks or can be shredded onsite with our mobile shredding service.


GPS Tracking: All of our secure trucks are equipped GPS tracking technology which allows us to monitor our vehicle’s real-time location.We know where our trucks, and your materials, are at all times.


desctruction schedule

Scheduling: Whether you need an end of year purge or document destruction on a regular basis, we can develop a program to fit your needs.


offsite paper shredding company

Plant-based Shredding: Documents are delivered and shredded in our secure AAA Certified facility using the most advanced equipment.


secure shredding

Secure Shredding: Our advanced security procedures keep us connected at all times, from our office to our trucks to our warehouse.


paper recycling

Recycling: We keep shredded paper out of the landfill by sending it to paper mills to be recycled.

Don't just throw it away, shred it! Contact Federal Records Management & Shredding today to learn more about our mobile and offsite paper shredding services in Fort Wayne.

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