Secure Practices

Fort Wayne, IN

When you turn over your sensitive documents for shredding or off-site records management, it's imperative to make sure they're protected. Whether they are your client's your employee's or your business's information - we know they are vital to the inner workings of your operation and are of the utmost importance.

Federal Records Management & Shredding is Fort Wayne's only locally-owned and operated records management and shredding company. Our secure facility in Fort Wayne, IN is designed specifically to follow the life-cycle of your documents, allowing for the barcoding, tracking, managing, reporting and final destruction of them. We have invested in the latest security devices to keep your documents safe from the elements and prying eyes.

Security: Our advanced security procedures keep us connected at all times, from our office to our trucks to our warehouses.


Pickup: Documents are transported to our facility in locked bins and trucks.


24/7 Video: Records are stored in our secure facility with 24/7 surveillance inside and out.


Employees: Records are tracked every step of the way with our advanced management system.


Co-mingling: Know exactly which files are in which box for fast retrieval and advanced tracking options.

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